"Who the fuck is Paul Bocuse" steht am 25.11.2016 in Berlin auf einem Shirt im Restaurant "Nobelhart & Schmutzig" an der Friedrichstraße. Der Eigentümer hat nun an der Eingangstüre Aufkleber mit Verboten angebracht. Darunter ist auch ein Verbotshinweis für den Zutritt von "AfD"-Mitgliedern. Foto: Paul Zinken/dpa ++ +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Two Berlin top chefs have added another remarkable success to their careers and delivered a surprise: In the important British ranking list “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, Micha Schäfer from the “Nobelhart

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Raue also improved, but less spectacularly, to 26th place after 31st in the previous year. Head chef Phillip Bendel, who acts as a congenial substitute for his frequently absent chef, also plays a large part in this. Curious: Both restaurants are only a few hundred meters apart.

Only one other Berlin restaurant is on this list, the Weddinger “Ernst” in 62nd place – places 51 to 100 are also awarded and published a few days earlier.

Just as surprising: there was a special prize for René Frank from “Coda” in Neukölln, who was named “Best Patissier in the World” this year – his menu consists exclusively of desserts. However, the restaurant itself did not make the list.

The list, also known as the “Pellegrino List” after its main sponsor, is supplied by around a thousand judges from around the world and has been in existence for 20 years. However, it is very controversial, which is shown by the fact that not a single German restaurant with three Michelin stars is mentioned on it, and not even in the following places 51-100; only the newly formed Munich “Tantris” made it to place 98 – that’s all for Germany this time.

The three-star Berlin Rutz is also not mentioned, although it is rated higher on average by the national restaurant guides than Raue, Nobelhart and “Ernst” – a sign of the relative – and certainly undeserved – contempt that top German cuisine still enjoys abroad learns.

According to this year’s list, the best restaurant in the world is the “Geranium” in Copenhagen, followed by the “Central” in Lima/Peru and the “Disfrutar” in Barcelona. However, all former winners of this title, such as the Copenhagen “Noma” and the “Mirazur” on the Cote d’Azur, are sorted out and only mentioned separately.