dpatopbilder - 26.07.2022, Großbritannien, London: Rishi Sunak und Liz Truss (r) sowie Moderatorin Kate McCann (M) stehen in den Ealing Studios von TalkTV für «The Suns Showdown: The Fight for No10», der letzten direkten Debatte der Kandidaten um die Nachfolge des britischen Premiers Johnson. Bis zum 5. September sollen die Mitglieder der Konservativen Partei in Großbritannien entscheiden, wer Johnson als Parteichef und Premier nachfolgen soll. Foto: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A TV duel between the two candidates to succeed outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been called off after a medical emergency. The presenter of the British broadcaster TalkTV, Kate McCann, passed out, the broadcaster announced on Tuesday evening. Even if she is fine, the duel will not continue on medical advice.

The duel between British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was surprisingly interrupted a good half hour after it started. TV viewers saw Truss break off her speech, look shocked, and mumble, “Oh my god.” Viewers sent well wishes to Kate McCann on Twitter.

The “Sun” correspondent Harry Cole, who should have moderated the duel with McCann, was absent at short notice due to a corona infection, as he announced on Twitter on Tuesday morning. McCann then wrote that both had prepared the debate together – whether in person or virtually remained open.

The two candidates are doing well, according to TalkTV. Both remained in the studio and would talk to the readers of the “Sun” invited to the debate, it said.