The employees of the Berlin transport companies (BVG) entered into force on Friday morning in a warning strike. Buses and trams remained in the Depots, metro stations closed. Hundreds of thousands of passengers are affected. “The recusal of runs in these minutes. Some night buses are on the road. But at about 3.30 PM, will be all the vehicles in the Depots,” said a ver.di-speaker early in the Morning.

The Union had called for the 14,000 employees of the BVG and its subsidiary, Berlin Transport, the right to stop work. Also most of the buses to fall out. At 12 the token strike is to end. The company expects, however, that the traffic is running then a few hours of irregular. With the warning strike, the Union wants to increase pressure on employers in the ongoing wage negotiations.

The regional trains and S-Bahn go according to Plan. Additional trains on lines S1 and S5. In the operation of some bus lines in the suburbs and the ferries of the BVG.

The BVG Boss Sigrid Nikutta, a reduction of the working time declines. The Berlin transport authority needed, if you shortened the working hours, with 500 drivers and more, she said in the rbb. “That would be now for the Moment the right solution, if we want to set this year is 1,100,” she said. Nikutta insured that there were enough applicants for these Jobs. This would have to be formed. The correct payment of employees, however, is an important issue. Berlin had a long period of saving. Since the BVG will tax now income after taxes, she said.