operated by the Berlin public transport (BVG) has started on Monday morning, a 24-hour warning strike. Since the beginning of operation, at three o’clock in the driving stand still operation, informed the BVG. Accordingly, no U drove trains and trams, also most of the buses remained in the Depots. S-Bahn and regional trains to the information, but as usual.

the strike had the Union ver.di called, because the collective bargaining negotiations for the around 14,600 employees of the BVG and of the subsidiary of BT Berlin Transport goods so far been unsuccessful. Ver.di the new offer of the Municipal employers ‘ Association (KAV) rejected last. This had brought to a total volume of € 90 million per year starting in the year 2019 in the negotiations and its previously increased under the submitted proposal in order to tens of millions of euros.

Already the middle of February, had picked up the LOB for several hours, in order to increase the pressure in the collective conflict. In a further warning strike of all buses of the transport companies were two weeks ago still. The BVG is Germany’s largest urban transport and daily around 2.9 million passengers.