(Washington) Twitter has decided to suspend the official account of US Republican elected official Marjorie Taylor Greene, who spoke of a “Trans Day of Revenge” after the shooting that killed six people at a school in Nashville, USA. United.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, member of the House of Representatives and elected official of the hardest wing of the American right, posted a screenshot of the news on her personal account on Tuesday, saying that some posts from her official account had been suspended for violating Twitter rules.

“My official Congressional account has been suspended for seven days for featuring the Antifa movement’s violent action plan for ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’. In the aftermath of the mass killing of children by a trans gunman,” tweeted the elected Republican from the state of Georgia, a critic of transgender rights.

Twitter security officer Ella Irwin said she had to “sweep” the platform to remove more than 5,000 tweets and retweets from the post.

“ We do not support tweets that incite violence, regardless of the authors ”, she said on Twitter.

“Revenge” does not mean peaceful protest. Organizing or supporting peaceful protests is okay,” she added.

The message “was retweeted by a large number of users on our network yesterday and I’m sure this is due to heightened language sensitivity due to the tragic events in Nashville,” Ella Irwin said.

Six people, three children and three adults were killed Monday at a Nashville school. The killer killed during the attack, Audrey Hale, was identified by police as a woman who used male pronouns on social media.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account had previously been suspended for tweets about vaccines that violated the social network’s rules on misinformation about COVID-19, and for false claims about voter fraud.