According to the most recent round of Negotiations in Washington is the US President, Donald Trump trade conflict with China continue to escalate: The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer announced that the President had arranged to begin the process to extend the Special duty on all remaining imports from China.

The measure would relate to a value of around 300 billion dollars, said Lighthizer. A final decision is not yet rendered. Details would be announced until the start of the week.

The announcement was made shortly after the conclusion of a two-day trade talks between China and the United States in Washington, which had remained without tangible result. Trump, had described the talks as “constructive”. It should be further negotiated.

China’s chief negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, said before departure from Washington, in spite of the threats also continue to be confident and said that a new round is planned “in the near future” in Beijing. “I don’t think that the talks are off. On The Contrary. It is normal and inevitable to have small setbacks and twists in the conversations.”

In the night to Friday was already kicked out of Trump announced the raising of the special levies on imports from China to the value of $ 200 billion. The customs duties increased from ten to 25 per cent.

For further imports, in volume of 50 billion dollars, the rate was previously at 25 percent. Is concerned now about half of all Chinese exports to the United States.