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It is once again the big impact. At the end of February, shortly before the US-set deadline for the trade to expire in the dispute with China, want to be US President Donald Trump and China’s head of state Xi Jinping to come together to negotiate the restructuring of their economic relations personally. Details about the planned Meetings are completely open, but if the previous meetings between the two heads of state are an indicator, then the world expect public again bombastic pictures in front of historic facades, probably somewhere in Southeast Asia.

unlike many previous Trump productions of the Pomp and circumstance could be, this time, however, appropriate. Because the heads of the two largest economies manage to the top of world economies, a breakthrough that could affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people in a sustainable manner – in both Good and Bad.

The sino-American relationship is in crisis. The rise of China to new large-scale power scares strategists in the United States for quite a long time. However, during the growing military and political influence of China’s ruling Communist party remains in Asia and Africa for most Americans in the Abstract, she meets the growing economic success of the Chinese directly.

Trump knows displeasure to use

Hardly a Federal state, in the non-workers complain that the local industry has moved either to China or due to poor ability to compete, had to close down. At the same time, resentment over the forced Joint Ventures with Chinese companies grows in the chief days, without the US companies can do in the medium term, the largest economy in the world. And that this vehicle will also be used to mass-tires the intellectual property of the American withdrawal, doubted a long time nobody more.

use This displeasure know Trump. Already in the election campaign, he criticized China in focus. In the White house, he surrounded himself with collaborators who shared his vision of the world and the Chinese as a threat to American prosperity view. Their most striking protagonists, the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, and Trumps economic adviser Peter Navarro. Other, more liberal voices within the Administration were, however, soon cold. In order for the hardliners to determine the course of China policy. You want to arrange the relations of the two States. A step that is associated with enormous risks.

Over the decades, had found the United States and China, a mode that worked for both sides. China acted as an “extended workbench” of the developed industrial countries, and took over the production of affordable consumer goods, which were sold in the United States. With the collected capital of Beijing, turned to the Americans, in turn, low-interest loans available, which drives consumption in the United States.

the two countries grew economically ever closer. The Chinese economy was dependent on the demand from the United States, the Americans benefited from the cheap Goods and the cost of production. As a “Chimerika” referred to the British historian Niall Ferguson has been more than ten years, this symbiosis – a term that not coincidentally recalls the word “Chimera”.