Trade dispute – United States to increase duties on imports from China, The US has raised tariffs for specific imports from China to 25 percent. Goods to the value of $ 200 billion. China announced countermeasures. © Photo: Ole Spata

kicked in the Middle of a round of Negotiations between the U.S. and China, higher U.S. duties against the people’s Republic in force. It comes to tariffs on Chinese imports in the amount of 200 billion dollars. She increased from ten to 25 per cent.

Immediately after the imposition of the special duties applied by the USA on imports from China, the Beijing Ministry of Commerce has announced a “necessary counter-measures”. Details of the planned Chinese retaliatory steps but have not been notified.

Since Thursday evening to advise the Chinese and the Americans, once again, about the Trade dispute. On Friday, the White house confirmed shortly before the entry into force of the tariff increase, the continuation of trade talks with the people’s Republic of. The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin had dinner with the US President to work with the Chinese Delegation informed that the talks on Friday would continue tomorrow, said a spokesman for the White house.

Trump had a short time before the new discussions signaled cautious optimism. A trade agreement with the government in Beijing was not possible, he said. He had received on the eve of a “very nice letter” from the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping. Xi called on the trade to cooperate and “get”.

Also, the Chinese chief negotiator in the trade talks in Washington, Liu He, was hopeful. “We want some of the differences of solve to be honest, confident and rational,” said the Deputy Prime Minister on Friday in China during an Interview broadcast on Chinese state television CCTV. “I think there is hope.”

The trade conflict between the two largest economies in the world charged to the financial centers of the world, and stoking fears of a global economic downturn. For over a year, the two countries put on each other with duties.

world trade – Why trade conflicts? The trade dispute between the US and China, the world’s largest economies, has still not been resolved. The Video explains the shutter button and possible consequences. © Photo: Liza workers

The U.S. want government accuses China, made Commitments to return to. “You have negotiated the Deal,” had Trump said. “You can’t do that.” It had gone to several aspects of the proposed agreement, among other things, to the issue of theft of intellectual property. Trump has nevertheless deemed it possible that there could be an agreement later this week.