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In the trade dispute between the U.S. and China now meet the political heavyweights to each other. Since Wednesday, the U.S. negotiated-government representative Robert Lighthizer, the Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He. Liu is an Economist and a Buddy of President Xi Jinping, Lighthizer is a lawyer and was as a China hard-liners of American President Donald Trump aware of the impact Position of the trade rich lifted officer. It is the highest – ranking round of Negotiations in the customs dispute- after that, only Xi and Trump decide.

not only the large trade deficit will be Discussed in the round, that the US has with China. The actual conflict goes much deeper than that. The US government urges China to make it – or to be more precise: the cadres of the ruling Communist party (KP) – its economy in the past decades, behaviour changes: no industrial espionage, no theft of intellectual property, and a recognizable driving down the high state rate.

As a print medium, the United States have levied special duties on nearly half of all imports from China. What is the weight for China, but it is even harder, is that the US trade seeks officer Lighthizer, to decouple the Western high-tech industry of the Chinese, for example, in the development of modern semiconductor technology.

Learn of ZTE

China’s leadership will, therefore, not necessarily an agreement with the United States. For one thing, the economy is weakening, growth is striking, while at the same time, fundamental problems remain unsolved, The domestic debt in China is gigantic, and heavily overheated real estate market threatens to implode at any time. The most concern is to make President Xi Jinping, however, the American decoupling plans.

China’s industry is still dependent on modern technology from the USA and other countries, such as Japan or Germany. Without this Xi can’t realize his gigantic modernization plan for China’s industry, after the you want to be from the year 2025, the global market leader in technically demanding key industries.

The KP is spending a lot of money in Private and state-owned enterprises. One of these future establishments in the telecommunications giant ZTE, which also works successfully on new high-speed network 5G. Last year, the U.S. government had imposed a multi-year supply stop at ZTE, ruined the state-owned enterprises is almost, it had to adjust its operation to a large extent. ZTE had to respect Iran and North Korea – sanctions of the United States. Only a personal audition of Xi Jinping and his counterpart, Trump could be the matter for ZTE relax.

The incident made the KP clear how sensitive your modernization plan. Alone for the Import of modern semiconductor technology in China is already hundreds of billions of dollars annually. China’s government in a trade dispute but to 1. March 2019 no offer, which is the opposite side happy, want to take the United States further duties on the remaining China-imports, and there is an escalation in the dispute over the Import of US technology to China.