in the opinion of the EU Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, is not to be expected that US President, Donald Trump declared in this week of tariffs on car imports from the European Union. The süddeutsche Zeitung, the Swede in an Interview, said: “The Deadline for the car customs-decision of the 18. May, but the deadline can be extended. And there are signals that it could be extended – because of the negotiations between the United States and China.”

Malmström noted that the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and Trump had agreed last year to impose during the negotiations, no new customs duties. “We hope that the US President holds on to it,” said the EU Commission.

be prepared even otherwise, the EU, as it is formulated Malmström: “We are prepared for the worst.” The US should impose tariffs on European cars, would introduce in turn, the EU new tariffs. A list of the affected U.S. products had already been created – in addition to Ketchup and suitcases also electric cars are still the exception. Malmström, the trade volume of the selected products amounts to around 20 billion euros.

As a trigger of the trade dispute between the US and the EU, the export surplus of the EU countries compared to the United States, the Trump as a threat to the safety of his country. To counter this, adopted imports the President of the U.S. duties on steel and Aluminium, to which the EU responded with tariffs on various U.S. products. In February, the U.S. had submitted to the Ministry of Commerce is also a report that the auto imports were classified from the EU to the USA as a possible threat to national security.

trade dispute – No rapprochement between the United States and China, The United States had asked China to change laws in order to comply with certain agreements. Since July of 2018, both countries refer to each other with punitive tariffs. © Photo: Jim Young/Reuters “It would be very easy to extend this period, if Trump wants the”

Within the next five days should decide the Trump of new tariffs against European car manufacturers. “It would be very easy to extend this period, if Trump wants the. He only needs to decide”, the newspaper quoted Malmström. The EU is aiming for a trade agreement with the United States, which provides for, among other things, duty-free access for industrial products. The mandate of negotiations granted by the EU member States in April, the trade Commissioner.

In the conflict with China, the United States had on Friday an increase of duties on imports of goods from China proclaimed. The special levies on imports to the value of $ 200 billion rose from 10 to 25 percent. For further imports in the volume of $ 50 billion, an additional payment of 25 per cent, was already. The negotiations on a trade agreement between the United States and China. The economic Advisor to the US President, Larry Kudlow, had given to the channel Fox News, that the increased US tariffs on Goods from China will affect both sides.