The city of Paris wants to take court action against the housing Agency platform Airbnb. The online platform to offer 1,000 apartments, which were not registered with the city and, therefore, the conditions of the occupation authorities informed the city administration. Mayor Anne Hidalgo threatened, therefore, a penalty payment of 12.5 million euros.

In the French capital must be requested for the apartments, which are offered via brokerage portals such as Airbnb, an official registration number. In addition, Landlords are allowed to offer their apartments for a maximum of 120 days in the year as accommodation for tourists. The law provides for each unregistered offering to pay a fine of 12,500 euros.

“We cannot accept that Airbnb and their ilk flout the law,” said Hidalgo, the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. The inspectors from the town have been discovered so far is 1,000 illegal apartment offers, each was occupied with 12,500 Euro fine. “The total bill could amount i.e. 12.5 million euros.” It is “to put an electric shock in order to prepare the wild Rent a the end, some of the Parisian neighborhoods completely changed”.

Airbnb said the company had already taken measures to comply with the rules in force in Paris. However, the regulations were “ineffective and disproportionate”, and contrary to European law. Paris had already switched last April, the justice to compel Airbnb and the platform Wimdu to delete Advertisements without registration number.

Airbnb sees itself in the world of increasingly stringent rules suspended. In many places, the Portal must meet extensive requirements to be able to rooms, apartments and houses. In view of the shortage of housing in German cities in this country, many state governments and cities have adopted similar provisions.