Track and field athletics of The American topspurter, Christian, Refused on Wednesday to the social media for the first time, commented on his three missed anti-doping tests, of which he was not a suspension is generated. He likes to call himself “the greatest advocate of a clean sport.

“this is the first and last time, I don’t take any supplement, and” started All of his story. He wants to emphasize that he wasn’t sure that, even in the gray dopingzone would have to be covered. “I’ll take nothing at all for my recovery and to promote the even legal drugs. I work hard, have a drink of water, and work the next day, and even more. I have never had a positive audit was completed and that it will never happen again.”

Coleman, runner up at the worlds in the 100m, and world record holder at 60 meters indoors, it was a two-year suspension on top of the head, but it was ultimately acquitted of all charges, after his attorneys as a back door could be found. “I’m the biggest advocate of a clean sport, because I know the sacrifices it takes to be at this level for us.”

the world CHAMPIONSHIP in athletics from 27th of september to 6th of October in Doha, All the sky-high favourites for the 100 metres, his compatriot and defending champion Justin Gatlin as the main challenger.