The number of non-medically necessary caesarean sections is increasing worldwide.In some countries, Doctors do, because a cesarean section is more lucrative.In Germany, a third of women give up on a natural birth.

Fierce blow, and loud cries – a lot of mothers-to-be get at the thought of the delivery room, weak in the knees. In Brazil, the fear of women is a normal birth, even so large that they decide to cut more and more often, for an Emperor.

According to the world health organization (WHO) will be brought there more than every second child with the surgical procedure in the world. The number of medically unnecessary C-sections increases worldwide, warned the organization in April.

Brazil is the world leader

With a Rate of 55.6 percent belongs to Brazil, according to the WHO the global leaders of the list. More caesarean sections are only carried out in the Dominican Republic (56.4 per cent). However, the small Caribbean state has only one-twentieth of the approximately 200 million inhabitants of Brazil.

In Germany, a third of the Pregnant women has a caesarean section

In Brazilian politics and in the media, therefore, of a “Kaiser-epidemic”. The surgical procedure for mother and Baby is associated with high risks. Also in Germany, around a third of the births Emperor are cuts, as Figures from the WHO show (2013: 31.8%). The organization recommends that 10 to 15 percent.