“you must All make an effort, now, this is not a game”: The German Minister of state for Europe Michael Roth (SPD) considers the situation in the Brexit negotiations as “very serious”.

Germany wanted “a fair Deal with Britain”, he said at a Meeting with his EU colleagues in Luxembourg. It had to be a Deal, “the integrity of the European internal market untouched”. This is for the EU “is of Central importance. We’re not on the cattle market”.

the UK from the end of March from the EU. The agreement, which will allow for a smooth exit, is largely finished. Problems the future border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is a concern for months. On Sunday, a hoped-for unification failed. Up to the EU summit starting on Wednesday there will be no negotiations.

May wanted to Minister to a decisive Brexit talks mood

All that the summit and the Brexit negotiations “would be a success,” said EU Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans. He called on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, at the summit to clarify its Position. The goal must be to keep the damage to the Brexit as low as possible. The four fundamental freedoms of the internal market people, Goods, capital and services, there could be but “no flexibility”.

May’s meeting on Tuesday with your Cabinet. You want to prepare your Minister to find a compromise at the Brexit talks. You must, however, expect some heavy resistance.

according to media reports, several Ministers met on Monday evening to agree on a common strategy against May. Already on the weekend there had been rumors, of up to four members of the Cabinet could withdraw, should the head of government of the EU.