Throw away containers for lenses: 'll tell you why laser surgery is a quick and safe way to restore sight

to See the world bright without lenses and glasses, to see friends and greet them on the street before they have time to be offended — for some it’s only dreams. Although a clear vision has long been to return quickly and painlessly, many people hesitate on the Lasik surgery. Unsurprisingly, around this procedure wanders a lot of myths which we will debunk. The article tells why you should not fear laser what results to expect from surgery and the correction of one eye for only 14 900 rubles.

the first Myth: what if the vision is restored, and will only get worse?

This is one of the most frequent questions an ophthalmologist for consultation. It is important to understand that a good result depends on different factors: accurate diagnosis of vision quality the procedure, modern equipment, the patient’s compliance with all medical regulations before and after the correction. Before the surgery, the doctor tells how to prepare for it. For example, two weeks before the procedure you cannot wear contact lenses and use cosmetics.

— We propose to do the correction, only when you have an accurate diagnosis and determine increases, for example, myopia or not. Now all the computer and phone time free spend. If grows, we systematically observed the condition of the eye and determine a time when to do the surgery with the guarantee of excellent results and preservation of vision, — explained Alisa Fuchs, doctor of the clinic “Expert view”.