Thousands of fish are washed up on the shores of lake Koroneia-lake in the north of Italy. The European Commission, Greece has repeatedly warned the better, to do more to ensure. In 2011, the quantity of the Commission is, therefore, even in a case against Greece before the European Court of Justice.

It’s not the first time that there are a large number of fish washed up on the shores of the lake, not far from the city of Thessaloniki. Since 1995, it has happened already four times. According to the authorities, the high temperature of the water, and the water level is low, the cause of the mass mortality.

now that we have a lot of fish life, and there are also a lot of birds on the lake. Also, these animals have been there in the past, mass had just died. In 2004, there were no less than 4500 birds found dead, who were killed by botulism. In 2007, the death of 200 birds in it.