Insufficient vaccination status: More than 7,800 employees from Berlin hospitals, nursing homes, emergency services or medical practices are still not fully vaccinated against Corona or have not been able to provide credible proof. Entry bans have not yet been issued to them. The health administration announced this in an answer to a parliamentary question by MP Lars Düsterhöft (SPD) as of May 19.

Since the start of the facility-related corona vaccination requirement on March 16, 7638 people have not submitted proof of vaccination or recovery or a medical certificate that exempts them from vaccination. For another 177 people, there are doubts about the authenticity of the evidence presented, it said.

However, of these 7,815 people, 1,050 have already received a first vaccination, made an appointment for a vaccination or declared their willingness to be vaccinated at short notice.

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The administration was not able to specify an absolute corona vaccination rate because the data for all employees was not available. According to a self-assessment by 1,300 facilities and companies with around 109,000 employees, the proportion of those who are insufficiently or not vaccinated is 5.5 percent.