She is a prosecutor and author of children’s books. In the Tagesspiegel newsletter for Berlin-Spandau, Anna Eschenhagen talks about her Staaken, her favorite places and her new book “Ghosts Drive Trams” (May 2022, 10 euros), available in your trusted Spandau bookstore from Johannesstift to Kladow. The illustrations are by her niece Rabea Eschenhagen, who also grew up in Berlin-Spandau.

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Dear Ms. Eschenhagen, you are a public prosecutor and author of children’s books. A wonderfully wild mix! What brings more joy? “Both in its own way: My job is exciting and demanding and ultimately a calling. I find my children’s crime novels pure fun and I can incorporate anything I like – especially chases with a happy ending!”

Her book is called Ghosts Drive Trams. In short: what is it about? “The student Hercules and his friends Paula and Milan keep stumbling into criminal cases. In doing so, they first make friends with the school spirit and then with other spirits. Whether internet scammers, bombs from the Second World War, fake police officers or a treasure hunt – all sorts of challenges await the colorful circle of friends. And every now and then, for inexplicable reasons, the tram stops.”

There is no tram in Spandau. What inspired you? “I work in Potsdam and drive even worse than one of the villains in my book. So I inevitably take the tram.”

How long have you been writing? “Ever since I could hold a pen. In 1987 and 1992 I won the nationwide “Young Authors’ Meeting”, followed by publications in anthologies. My children’s book ‘Kleines Drachenlied’ was published in 2014 and the second one in May 2022: ‘Ghosts Drive a Tram’.”

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Would you like to present your book at a reading, for example in the children’s library in Spandau’s old town? “Of course! I am in discussion with several partners. I’ve also written to the Spandau library, so I’m still waiting for an answer. If you are interested in organizing a reading with me, the best way to reach me at the moment is via Xing.”

Did your niece draw the illustrations? “Yes, Rabea paints, designs and makes music, and has done so since she was a child. She also comes from Spandau – Kladow – and won the Spandau Youth Art Prize in 2016. She drew the illustrations at my request. Now she is studying information technology in mechanical engineering.”

You grew up in Spandau yourself, tell me about it! “Miniclub on Brunsbütteler Damm, Astrid Lindgren Elementary School, TSV Staaken – my first few years were very sheltered. Later my two best friends lived on the Havelhöhe. If we wanted to talk undisturbed, we roamed the sewage fields for hours.”

Today you live in Potsdam. Is there something you miss about Spandau? “The walk along the Bullengraben to ‘Florida’ on Klosterstrasse – and even more the way back with five scoops of ice cream in hand.”

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