With Multimedia With a simple, notablok, and a computer that is on the side, it cools down to an average student, his dad any more. We were looking forward to what you will need, and above all, what it all costs. Tip: at the bottom of the article, you can be a student of the tech package is a win. 1. Laptop

the Average budget is € 800.

As a student, you will have a good laptop. Tablets are very popular, but they are rarely used for studententaken, and you have a smartphone, use it for your social life. The limiting factor is, of course, is the keyboard, which needs to be large and easy to handle and enough for a number of papers to be able to write lesson notes to be processed.

What you need to look out for when buying? An Intel Core i5 processor, which is now pretty much the standard, with up to 8 gigabytes (gb) of internal memory and 512 gigabytes (gb) of storage capacity. Get the best for a 15 ” screen (screen diagonal of 38-centimetre) high-definition (at least at 1.920 to 1.080 pixels).

as Seen in the foregoing specification, it is deAcer Aspire 5a perfect buy. You will need a strong computer for this, but that is, of course, is the goal of the idea is the fact that this is the laptop for three to five years of experience can do. In addition, there is a whole range of Aspire 5 models on the market, with prices being somewhere in the top 400 euro to start off with, but of course, with a similar specification. Make sure you do them in the game in the bottom of the article, and you could win a new Acer laptop.

we Recommend the Acer Aspire 5(€ 684).

to Compare, here are the top rated laptops on the market

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