(Quebec) Oppositions in Quebec do not believe the government’s version that it was not aware that the option of a third link exclusively reserved for public transport was under study before the last election campaign .

Radio-Canada revealed Thursday that the Ministry of Transport had requested an analysis of the project on June 30, 2022, a few months before the elections.

However, the cabinet of the minister at the time, François Bonnardel, cannot clearly assure whether he knew.

The leader of the official opposition, Marc Tanguay, believes that François Bonnardel, then Minister of Transport, was necessarily aware.

“I don’t have the proof, but I, personally, don’t believe it,” he said in a scrum Thursday morning. You cannot be Transport Minister of the CAQ in 2022 and not be aware of what is happening regarding the third link in your ministry. »

According to the PQ Pascal Bérubé, it is certain that the current minister, Geneviève Guilbault, had also been informed of the scenario.

The abandonment of the third highway link, a flagship promise of the Coalition avenir Québec, continues to haunt the Legault government. Minister Guilbault said that the pandemic and teleworking have reduced traffic between Quebec and Lévis. Result: a tunnel for cars is no longer justified.

However, since this announcement, many facts have undermined the credibility of the Minister’s explanations.