The genes pass on information to control the appetite.A change in Diet of man prior to conception can prevent the child later becomes thick.

fathers may inherit unnecessary Kilos to their children. Because being Overweight alters the genetic material in the sperm of a man. Thick men, therefore, have different markers on the DNA molecules in their sperm than slim. These epigenetic changes in Obesity could be on the children in the next Generation, worn, write researchers from Denmark and Sweden, in the journal “Cell Metabolism”.

further investigations are necessary. The results confirmed this could lead to recommendations for the behavior of men in front of a planned fatherhood.

changes to the genome

The researchers Ida Donkin of the University of Copenhagen had for your study 23 men between 20 and 40 years, a sperm sample is requested. 13 slim, ten with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 29,7 overweight. BMI-calculator

The researchers studied the epigenetic changes in the genome of the sperm. It is not changes in the sequence of DNA building blocks, but rather changes relating to the activity of individual genes. This can be, for example, chemical modifications such as the attachment of a methyl group, or a different packaging of the DNA molecule.

in fact, the researchers found some differences, such as in the formation of certain regulatory DNA-Chips, the so-called sncRNAs. Inhibit or increase the activity of genes.

genes control the appetite

A further deviation was demonstrated when the researchers examined the methylation pattern of the DNA. They found differences in genes that affect brain development and the control of appetite.

In a second small study, the researchers investigated the changes in sperm DNA at six men who had undergone a stomach reduction. After the surgery the methylation pattern of the DNA, especially in genes that are associated with the control of appetite in the context of change. PDF lose weight Now with the 50 best diet tricks Our PDF guide shows you how to boost your metabolism and the yo-Yo effect trick.To the PDF guide

Earlier it makes sense – today, no advantage is Obesity

The Transmission of information via the paternal weight of the offspring might have been in the past a lot of sense to encourage the children’s instinctive to eat more and to be bigger, believes the study Director Romain Barrès.

“it’s Only recently Overweight is not an advantage,” he says, in a communication of Cell Press. “A few decades ago, the ability to store energy was an advantage, in order to survive infections and times of Famine.”

thickness fathers can also Diabetes

pass That the fathers and with their behaviour prior to the time of conception and the health of their offspring, much, showed, among other things, an animal study published 2010 in the journal “Nature”.

According to studies in rats, researchers from the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia) reported at the time, that fathers who eat too much fat, produce offspring with an increased likelihood of diabetic. They suspected that the sperm of the fathers been corrupted by the fat diet. This was, in turn, their offspring, the reason for the outbreak of the disease in adulthood.

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