RC Genk-Dieumerci Ndongala, flankaanvaller think, was a very good time. The Congolese has been accused of a theft at the H&M in Vilvoorde (belgium), and were contained by the police. At Instagramaccount do Ndongala (28), and it is a common misunderstanding of the products. “They were looking for ‘black with dreadlocks’. This allows me not”. H&M provides the player with an apology to the.

“I went to have a few things to buy for the children at H&M, and despite the fact that I don’t really shop like”, the international of the Congo. Until he is, after all, paid to have it, on the way out by a police patrol, suddenly, were ordered to stop. “When we went to the store and had them call you.I’ve searched, and my bag was checked in. However, I don’t have anything stolen. This is a real shame. After everything is resolved, I have my purchases refunded and my money was demanded back.” You may be required to the football player’s complaint against H&M.

By Friday, Marianne Nerinckx gives H&M an apology to the Ndongala is on. “In a shop in Vilvoorde (belgium) we have, for the last time, a lot of robberies. The police have said that they immediately had to inform you if there is a need to look something up in January. Mr. Ndongala would be suspicious behavior and, therefore, we have immediately the police will be called. But, after a check by the officers revealed that he was paid for it.”