Ypres, a Football, a party, or after the end of the race, Brielen Sport Believe United. Brielen player Taramis Geldhof, it was after the match was hard-tackled by an opponent, and her parents. The girl was taken to the hospital and will be transferred as well. “I’m a football for 10 years now, and I have never been there!”

Brielen Sport, has worked his last game against the Believe United. After the end of the match there was an incident in which a 22-year-old Taramis Geldhof from Vlamertige it will be very hard for me. The man in his twenties came into the world on a given moment, and that her mother was in the discussion had been going on with the parents of a player of the Mean. Taramis made a gesture that shut down aanmaande, but it worked like a rag to a red bull. In both the shape as well as her parents, came to Taramis to attack. She was taken to the ground and received blows to the handle. Some of the supporters came out in between the two, but the soccer star had to be taken to the hospital.