The worst April since the beginning of the century: the Russian car industry is preparing for shutdowns and mass layoffs

the Russian auto industry reeling for a month: after a synchronous stop of the plants in late March or April, some companies returned to work, but plans may very colorful. Russian car market is experiencing the worst April in many years.

From April 29 in the long vacation gone production employees of the car factory will resume work on may 18. The automaker idled and the first half of April.

I Returned to the work of the Volkswagen plant near Kaluga, which stopped in March due to a lack of spare parts, and the Renault plant in Moscow, where the release of the Renault Duster and related models. The volume of production will be significantly reduced due to heightened security measures. At the first stage of the Renault plant, for example, will work in one shift with 50% speed of the conveyor.