The car in His name and appearance may suggest otherwise, but this game is of Swiss manufacture, it would be more energy than it consumes. In addition to the Komatsu Electric dump truck, the world’s largest electric road vehicle.

all The Komatsu Electric dump truck, and the Swiss bouwmachinefabrikant Kuhn in Switzerland, may themselves be the largest electric vehicle in the world to name a few. I’m quite happy with no less than 45 tonnes, is 10 metres long and 4 metres wide and high. The truck would be up to 65 tons of steenpuin can be removed.

It’s an impressive vehicle, it has been specifically designed for the mining industry, and is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to the slokoppen that would normally be used in order to steenpuin to go.

you can also Read the CO2 emissions increases as a result of the popularity of sport utility vehicles (SUV’s Excess renewable energy

The green truck is powered by a lithium-ionbatterijpack with a weight of up to 5 tonnes and with a capacity of about 600 kWh: it is the equivalent of not more than seven (the model S), Tesla’s.

The truck, you can recover energy by braking, is that the more he carries, the more braking power the better. Because he was a 65-ton transport, the “green monster”, according to the manufacturer, the year of 130 tons of CO2 and more than 50,000 up to 100,000 litres of diesel fuel are able to save.In fact, after a day’s work, it would be in the truck for about 100 up to 200 kWh of green electricity delivered to the grid.