Kiev’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko sees the Ukrainian capital in danger in the Russian war of aggression. “Kyiv was a goal and Kyiv remains a goal,” Klitschko told the “Bild”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he claims all of the former Russian territory: “His interest does not end in Kyiv and on the border with Poland. He will go as far as we allow him.”

Klitschko added: “The war will also knock on the door of the Germans”.

Klitschko has high expectations of a possible visit by Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Ukraine. The SPD politician is reportedly planning a joint trip with French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in June. “We need tough support sanctions and weapons from the three leaders of the most important countries as soon as possible,” Klitschko said, renewing his call for more ammunition and modern weapons.

He has heard from the military that some of the support that has been announced for months is coming, but not in the desired amount. “That means we’re losing part of our territory, we’re losing lives,” said Klitschko.

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