22.07.2022, Ukraine, Region Donezk: Menschen schalten während der nächtlichen Ausgangssperre in der Region Donezk in der Ostukraine das Licht aus. Foto: Nariman El-Mofty/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

One name keeps popping up in connection with the war in Ukraine: that of the Wagner Group – and it’s the same today. The Russian mercenaries are said to have close ties to the government around President Vladimir Putin, but the Kremlin had long denied their existence. They are said to have fought in Syria and since 2014 in eastern Ukraine.

British intelligence experts recently reported that the Wagner group was increasingly filling the gaps in the ranks of the Russian army during the Ukraine war. The British Ministry of Defense, citing the daily situation report from the military intelligence service, is now saying that the mercenary force has made tactical gains in Donbass.

They said they advanced around Wuhlehirska, Ukraine’s largest coal-fired power plant, and near a nearby village. The Donetsk separatists reported the capture earlier and published pictures of the mercenaries in front of the administration building. Ukraine itself did not confirm this.

The British experts had recently assumed that the mercenaries also had to accept massive losses in their own ranks and therefore applied lower standards when recruiting new fighters.

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