University Victor Verhulst was Friday afternoon involved in a serious accident on the E40 motorway in Jabbeke, in the direction of France. That is from a good source, our support team will be confirmed. His Range Rover, drove just for the sake of it along the back of a delivery truck and collided with the three vehicles. Verhulst became the first of the messages are only slightly wounded.

The accident was a go for 17 hours. At that time, was on the motorway E40 in the direction of France, as a user of the work between the University and Gistel. A truck, a lower speed for the waiting row of vehicles in front of him, but was forced back down by the black Range Rover on The Verhulst. An oncoming truck was in the car, not the road. The Range Rover started out due to the blow to the spinning, and was several times on the head. He did this on a car that was about to slide into a traffic jam. The Verhulst struck as if by a miracle of bad injuries and was taken to the hospital. The other drivers remained unharmed. The accident was in the left lane just after the exit from the University is blocked, which is even more affected, giving rise to.