At the international conference on the New silk road were signed, according to China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping contracts in the tens of billions. Xi said at the conclusion of the meeting in Beijing. At the same time, he tried again to dispel concerns about the infrastructure project.

Three days almost 40 heads of state and heads of government from all over the world in the Chinese capital hit, and the next Phase of the so-called New silk road spoke. The project aims to build based on the historical routes between the Mediterranean and East Asia, new trade and transportation networks between the continents. The total volume of negotiated contracts amounting to Xi, according to 64 billion dollars (57 billion euros).

The people’s Republic of the financing of a network of new ports, railway lines, roads and industrial parks in Asia, Africa and Europe. China wants to prevent markets. The project is not an exclusive Club, said Xi. The common development and prosperity, respecting international Standards for project development, procurement and operation.

critics warn that financially vulnerable countries in a debt trap and a growing dependence on China could be. Sri Lanka, for example, could not pay back its debt to Beijing, and China ceded the control of a deep-water port for 99 years. Another point of criticism is the lack of an environmental impact such as from coal or water power plants.

Germany is the opposite of the Chinese prestige project skeptical – as well as other large EU countries. An accusation is not that China is in the Social -, environmental – and people comply with legal standards. Also it is criticized, it is mainly Chinese state-owned companies were in the construction of bridges or roads to the train. The Initiative, which is supposed to connect to, should be a two-way street, the German industry.

About the contents of the contracts, said Xi

As in his opening speech, Xi tried to the end of the meeting, once again, to dispel the concerns. China was committed to support an “open, clean and green development” and reject protectionism, said Xi at a press conference. Questions from journalists were not allowed at the event. Also, what in the Xis data contracts, the President said nothing.

Among the participants of the meeting, among other things, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan as well as the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. As the only country in the group of seven leading industrial Nations (G7), Italy has formally declared its willingness to participate in the project. Other European States, view the project skeptically, similar to how India and the United States. From Washington, none of the representatives had come to the Meeting to Beijing.