Jupiler Pro League is The amount of individual talent was the deciding factor. Standard won with a heavy-duty 1-4 and figures at Ostend, after a very strong second half.

an Indian summer on the coast, it was a pleasant place to be. The ideal voetbalweer as well. Not too hot, not too cold, not much wind.

When the field was in its opening stages very little to do. Gebikkel in the midfield, a lot of men at the front. To get verkeek Dutoit is almost a cross of the Section, Lestienne was too surprised to finish. The spain international stood up a moment later, however, due to a shot of Bastien. The Standard ran the race and was rewarded for it. After a quick counter-attack and came up with the ball after a couple of intermediate stations by Lestienne – Sober was not going to be free, and that will last really. That seemed to be the most difficult part is done for the Rouches.