History 11/01/20 “Seal of death”: it appears the soldier in the face before the last battle

Often, before the battle, the commanders already see who of his subordinates in their unit did not come back alive today. And if possible, leave these men in the rear. Something elusive, some small changes on the face of the soldiers become visible when their willingness to fight for life until the end gives way to fatigue and desire to end the eternal battle with death.

This is visible to a person with well-developed intuition changes are called “seal of death” or “death mask”. Losing life force, the human person becomes as a colorless, grayish, and his features blurred as though. Side of the face for some reason, become symmetrical, gloss disappears and the eyes. And it becomes clear today is that this warrior will die (or at least can die). To explain the phenomenon of “seal of death”, its causes is hardly possible.

So Pechorin in Lermontov’s “a Hero of our time” saw “the seal of death” on the face of Wolica shortly before his death. That same night the Lieutenant was killed, and killed by the Cossack sword. Pechorin thought, “I looked him (Velicu. – Approx. ed.) in the eye; but he is calm and motionless eyes met mine searchingly, and his pale lips smiled; but in spite of his composure I thought I read the seal of death on his pale face. I have noticed, and many old soldiers have confirmed my observation, often in the face of a man who was supposed to die in a few hours, there’s some weird imprint of inevitable fate, so familiar eyes hard to go wrong”. And Pechorin was not mistaken.

this Episode though literary, but certainly having a real reason: people feel sometimes his and others ‘ death. At the “press of death” there are physiological explanation. Shortly before death the normal processes of human life are suspended. He stops wanting to talk to anyone, withdraws into himself and does not want to eat or drink, or awake.

Common behavior can give way to aggression or apathy, incomprehensible to others. Something in the brain of the doomed man switch “on the wave” of death. Are countless and countless stories of feeling human accidents or air crashes, when the “sixth sense” tells me not to get on a plane, stay home today! “The seal of death” has a similar nature.

While others, on the contrary, even during the worst of the bloody wars of the years is not lost absolute confidence that death has passed, let go. And the person survives. On the other hand, the victims will not tell exactly what was felt before death. So who knows whether stories of the seen “seal of death” fantasy, self-deception, to play along with the human desire to foresee important events?..

Konstantin Dmitriev

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