The war and literature are old friends. The three designers of War and literature, the book is in three volumes, devoted to this important relationship by the editions of the School of war, namely the historians Jacques Frémeaux, Martin Motte and Antoine Schülé, could not make the dramatic choices. The war being housed in the same fashion as the love or power, she accompanies humanity since its inception and the literature since it exists. In their introduction, the authors refer to the sources of this kind prolific : Homer and the Iliad, the Song of Roland. Their purpose, however, is not to draw up a new amount, encyclopedic, but to give to think. Thinking of the training of officers, they mention Charles de Gaulle, for whom culture was ” the real school of command “.

Among an infinite number of topics and possible contributors, the authors coolers… When Michèle Battesti explores the links are so narrow that the literature has with the fear and war, it is based on works of Leo Tolstoy (Stories of Sevastopol), Stephen Crane (Conquest of courage. Episodes of the american Civil war), Frederic Manning (We are men), Gabriel Knight (The Fear), Norman Mailer (The Naked and the Dead), Tim O’brien (about courage). There have been less wise. Their points in common ? All of these authors, and many other cities in the rich client, have chosen the way of the novel, and not that of the autobiography to describe their experience, but above all, ” the war was for them a revelation, she has changed the course of their existence.”

In the debate that ended the second volume of the collective work, the journalist Jean Rolin gives without doubt one of the explanations of the interest of this literature, by quoting Tolstoy : “The battles are a chaotic extraordinary where almost everything is delivered at random “. The contents of the book will offer fans a more complete approach to this book fascinating and a great source of wealth.

“Think differently”

The School of war, that we did not expect, really in the field of the professional edition of books, has taken a step. Based on the association in March, she went into publishing, with books written by student officers or blog authors, including the classics, whose works are free of copyright, in four collections. War and literature appears in ” Fields of battle “. The collection “front Lines” has the ambition to illustrate the word order is claimed by the school : “Think differently “. “Crossfire” is devoted to the debates and “Evil” is who thinks evil “, this the French military thinking, but in the English language. The books, carried out in partnership with one Hundred thousand billion, can be ordered in bookstores or on the website and the business model is made possible by a print-on-demand. This avoids the stocks and limit the financial risks.

War and literature, ed Editions of the school of war, vol. 1, 415 p., 25 euros.

© DRGuerre and literature, bachelor of School of war, volume 1, 415 p. ; tome 2, 457 p. ; 25 euros each.