European CHAMPIONSHIP in volleyball in The opening of the Red Dragons at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and volleyball had few false notes: 3-0 against a weak brother, in Germany. Match against Germany tomorrow, it may be crucial to take at least the second groepsplek to force it.

In the championships, dared to openingswedstrijden if not surprising, results. However, the Red Dragons were on the soccer team to kick off the cool,. Some 2,000 fans at the Palace 12 of Brussels Expo, it looked as Belgium, with its higher status, and a surplus of quality both in attack and in defense, rather than left Austria, with a 25-17, 25-23, and 25-17. The Red Dragons have never been in a stresskramp shooting in the second set Austria up to 22-22 aanklampte. Then it took Arno Van De Velde was a blow, and a good block of it for the better at the end.

Conclusion: it was a routine victory for the Red Dragons. But the knot is not too many conclusions to this, as they are not made by a professional country are put to the test. The quick turnaround will have to meet the wishes of the captain, Sam Deroo. Now that the european CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time with 24 teams in 4 groups of four teams, with the six nations underway, and the schedule is much more busy and it has reduced benefits from the economical use of the forces, in order to be able to jump. Deroo: “We have to play five matches in six days, and in what kind of sports do they do it? Energy conservation is taken into account. It will also be crucial for each and every match quickly, to mentally reset for the next job.”