The General Works Council of DB Regio sees the 9-euro ticket as a significant additional burden for employees in local public transport and has called for compensation. “The 9-euro ticket means the daily state of emergency for the employees of the transport company,” said Works Council Vice Ralf Damde to the editorial network Germany. The federal and state governments would have to ensure that they would be relieved across the industry. Additional pay and more days off are essential.

Works councils of the railway and transport union EVG emphasized in a letter to the transport ministers of the federal and state governments, which is available to the RND, that cost-effective use of local public transport must not be at the expense of safety and occupational safety. The ticket, which was previously limited from June to August, has become a “burden package” for Deutsche Bahn employees, the letter says.

Nevertheless, the 9-euro ticket is basically a successful model. “Prevent us from going back to the old tariff structures after the three months. Also support our employees by designing a simple tariff system that is valid everywhere,” demanded the works councils.