Wervik, On the N58 in Wervik, on Tuesday, about 21 hours, the accident happened as three cars. The aanrijder fled on foot when he was in the police had heard it coming. “My husband was at a red light waiting, when suddenly, a white BMW for him to bounce back,” says the woman in the child’s best interests.

The accident occurred at the temporary traffic lights onto the N58 at the roundabout, take the Geluwesteenweg. The driver of a white BMW drove in the direction of Get it and could not see the cars in front of him and silently stood up. He has to bounce back hard against the Peugeot Partner is ahead of him. Who is moved, in turn, against the vehicle in front of you. The driver of the Peugeot Partner and it was with minor injuries were transported to the hospital. “He had pain in his legs,” said his wife, who arrived on the scene. “The driver of the white BMW’s have collected a number of items from his car when he went to the police and heard it coming. After that, he was on foot, fled into the woods.” The driver of the white BMW would be on the same night have been picked up by an ambulance and transported to the hospital. Why, the man is on the run hit, it is still not clear. The N58 has been by the accident and the hours completed.