In antwerp, The owners of the tijgerpython that Thursday evening was confiscated in the port of Antwerp area Luchtbal are at the heart of it. “We have a twenty-year period will be good for our animal’s care. The vet was full of praise for our excellent service. And all of a sudden there’s ten people in your door to allow your pet to take. For this they need to address it. We are going to do everything it can to get Germaine back into the world.”

As Yves Loones of twenty years ago, tijgerpython bought it, it was only a little finger size. Are Germaine, as he was in the tijgerpython affectionately call it. Soon, Germaine, part of the family. Even the full-time vet gave it Several compliments and even the other experts agreed, according to Yves, “We have heard many times that Germaine is fantastic taken care of, but they are not that old.”
60 kilograms

it’s a Thursday night, there was suddenly ten people in front of the door of the family of Loones at the tijgerpython take place. “She told me a little bit about a new piece of legislation, but I was completely out of the blue. I will take a look, as well as every evening to watch the news and do nothing about it go by here. As I was one of the people in question are enlightened, they say that I’m in the official Gazette, should have read it…But to be honest, anyone who can read that every month?”, Yves. He said that it was anything to do to get Germaine back to get it. “We’ll start with the build of a larger, serpentarium and a permit, we are going to be in order. The hose is to be.”

from the summer to show we are Germaine and even in the garden is loose and she is going to have a look at the swimming pool. Never, never, has a been a problem. A dog is sleeping next to her.

the Owner of Yves Loones

it’s been Germaine, meanwhile, has turned out to be a huge snake of about 5 feet and sixty pounds of < / i> (ed. the official measurement for the Wildlife. ), which recognizes Several, but all the time. A few years ago, he took action and he wanted to be Germaine give them away. “I was one of the Zoo of Antwerp and Planckendael, or that they have no interest in the hose, to assume that just because they are huge in size came. I would not hesitate to have been well cared for, and in addition, it should be a great eye-catcher to the zoo. But they weren’t interested in that.” As a result, He himself, but his snake to look after it. “And then I told him rather than go to an unknown to do what you don’t know that it’s well taken care of.”

at school,

the snake was a danger to the neighborhood, according to Several lariekoek. “My children have grown up with the hose. They’ve even taken it to school for lectures. In the summer time we let her out in the garden is loose and she is going to have a look at the swimming pool. Germaine’s will not be dangerous. I know how to be a beast, and it should bring it up and handle it. Never, never, has a been a problem. A dog is sleeping next to her.”

According to Yves, this situation is a totally different matter to be addressed. “”In lieu of the sum with 10 men at the door, and standing there, they were the first people to come to us. For example, I might have spent some time with the Wildlife by October 1st to be a solution. Along with it will be able to search, have a say in the decision as to where my creature will eventually return to would be.” For the police to capture the images that are in the house, and were, moreover, on the internet, the family is completely out of place. “We have clearly asked for, or that is in the media, and they are assured of not. The images would only be used internally, so be it.”