Multimedia wireless AirPods from Apple, are a very useful toy for audiophiles, but it is a crime in the eyes of others. Even so, the metrobedrijf in New York city. The carrier calls for passengers to the rails, go to the lost ear plugs in.

And so, we will now be alerted to the tips do not touch when getting in and out of the tube. There are going to be the wrong a lot of times, the company’s business. The passengers will go after you for the loss, often at the start to get the more expensive AirPods, with prices starting from 170 euros to get back. Some people walk the track, while others grab a broom handle and a tape, so quality headphones to pick up, so it writes to the Wall Street Journal . ‘Life-threatening, and so it is not the intention, ” says the metrobedrijf.

this is not one of them. The company is being inundated with requests from desperate AirPods owners who take their tops lost. In a single day, there are sometimes up to eighteen. That number peaked in the summer months, presumably as a result of sweaty hands, and ears. On a day of the week, about 4.3 million people in the metro, in The Big Apple . The staff is responsible for keeping track – is the loss of the gadgets by the way, is a form of job security’.

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It has been since the beginning of the existence of the AirPods are a major problem in the lost ones. The bands can be found via the ‘Find my iPhone’, but it is in a tunnel, it is of course difficult. The last option is to get a replacement plug, buy it. This is what you are soon to be 75 euro’s to lose.