What experts have been predicting for weeks could now happen: the course of the front will largely freeze for some time. Today, British military intelligence stated in its daily situation briefing that there had been no significant conquests in the past three days, either by the Ukrainian or Russian armies.

Both sides continue to shoot at each other, but here too activity has fallen sharply and shifted. The fire of the Russian artillery decreases, that of the Ukrainians increases.

How long this phase will last cannot be predicted. Russian troops appear to be busy replenishing their units after the costly fighting in Donbass. In addition, they must see how they secure their supply routes against attacks.

The Ukrainians, on the other hand, are positioning themselves in the south of the country for their planned offensive. In the Donbass they will strengthen their defense. How, where and in what form both troops go on the major offensive again will reveal a lot about their condition – and probably about the course of the war in the coming months.

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