Economy is Around 50 000 employees of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM) have, on Monday, the work deposited in the United States of america. That’s what happened after a major trade union, and the company has an agreement reached on wages, salaries and additional recruitment. This is the first strike at GM in a 12-year period of time.

The strike broke out at around midnight, dozens of manufacturing plants and distribution centers in 9 states. The trade union United Auto Workers (UAW) had on Sunday been called. The association is of the opinion that the employee has contributed to the recovery of GM, and since the market crash in 2008, and that they have a better compensation to earn money.


in Addition, health care costs are a significant bone of contention between the board of directors of GM and the union. The company is willing to expenditure on health care within reasonable limits, as employees do not want to contribute to it.Now, in the United States of america in the direction of presidential elections, it will go to next year, and healthcare is one of the key issues for the electorate.

GM’s allowed on Monday to know that the employees are made an offer, had with, among others, higher wages and salaries, an investment in van7-billion-dollar-a 8 U.s. plants, and more than 5,400 new jobs. However, according to the UAW’s proposal is insufficient in a number of areas, including the use of temporary agency workers.

According to experts to lose GM’s could be 50 million dollars per day that the strike continues. In 2007, there had been at GM for a brief two-day strike. A painful strike it was in 1998, in the city of Flint, Michigan. There were 54 days in the job has been put down, and what the GM has more than $ 2 billion it cost.