The first Soviet aircraft carrier: what was with the

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on 24 December 1972 was the launching of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Kiev”. How is it that the Soviet aircraft carrier became the first ship in the Navy of the USSR, after a series of twists, turns, turned into a floating hotel?

the Construction of the cruiser

the aircraft Carrier “Kiev” was laid in 1970 at the black sea shipyard in Mykolaiv Ukrainian. Its construction was provided by the project 1143 “Merlin” (NATO members subsequently designated ships of the project as “Kiev”-class). Prior project 1123 is also intended to establish an anti-submarine cruisers, but one of them was just a helicopter. The name “Kiev” ship builders “borrowed” from one of the ships that were not built according to the project 1123.
the day when “Kiev” was launched, the Nikolaev shipbuilders started to build his “twin brother” ship “Minsk”.

the fleet

the aircraft Carrier “Kiev” displacement 30530 tons was officially commissioned in December 1975 and the following summer made the transition to its home port Murmansk-35 (now Severomorsk). During his stay in the Mediterranean sea with its decks for the first time beyond the borders of the USSR flew carrier-based attack aircraft Yak-36M. And in the control zone of the Northern fleet held missile launching strike complex “Basalt”. After these and other tests in early 1977, “Kiev” was adopted.
during the military services, the aircraft carrier went out several times in the Atlantic, Baltic and Mediterranean seas. In the year of the beginning of perestroika, when the ship was on a visit to Algeria, the crew announced the award of the order of the red banner, as had distinguished themselves in combat training.


“Kiev” survived the collapse of the Soviet Union, but since 1991, campaigns have not participated. In 1993 (according to others, in 1994), he was expelled from the Navy for lack of FINAsirovanija – by this time, avinotec already significantly worn out.
the fate of the ship in different sources and served different.
In 2000, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the ship was sold to China for scrap. By the buyer according to the publication, was the American-Chinese company “Maritime Suppliers LLC”. The transaction amount was not specified. “Kiev” was towed to China with the naval base of Vidyayevo, where there were in recent years. However, contrary to the original post, the ship is not cut up, like it happened with “Minsk” and “Novorossiysk”.
“Argumenty I Fakty” wrote that the carrier for 1.6 million dollars became the property of “unidentified persons”, who resold it to the Chinese government for 8.2 million dollars.
Telegraph Agency “Taipei” called the purchaser that the company Tianjin Tianma Ship Recycling Engineering Co., Ltd.


After a towing aircraft-carrying cruiser “Kiev” was in the port city of Tianjin in the Bohai Bay. Officially announced that it will be converted into a Museum, in fact since 2003 the vehicle is part of a themed amusement Park, Binhai dedicated to the history of aviation. Since 2004, the access to the carrier was open to everyone – the price of the ticket originally was 110 yuan.
Judging from the online comments of Russian-speaking workers and visitors to the Park, aboard the aircraft carrier there were entertainment dance shows and parades. To visit was open five decks of the ship. On the top of them were exhibited models of airplanes and helicopters, and the second and third decks of the preserved cabins and battle stations. The guide told the tourists about the history of the ship and executed his campaigns.

the Hotel

In 2011, “Kiev” re waiting for the conversion. Investors have invested in the work of 15 million dollars, and the aircraft carrier turned into a luxury hotel. Apparently he has not changed, but on the decks now are 148 rooms, including 2 rooms presidential apartments and 3 VIP rooms. Common PLoschad hotel is 6,000 square meters. On Board the “Kiev” has a bar, restaurant and leisure club. It is noteworthy that some of the rooms are given Russian names, for example, “Yalta” and “Moscow”.

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