The recovery of small amounts, the cost to the Jobcenter in Germany, a media report says that more than the amounts requested is taken. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported, citing Figures from the Federal employment Agency.

Accordingly, the Jobcenter of 2018 required a total of 18 million euros in small amounts up to 50 Euro. The management of the recovery have caused costs in the amount of 60 million Euro, and the total recoveries to more than three times exceeded.

the head of The Federal Agency for work, Detlef Scheele, said the süddeutsche Zeitung: “We wish for for years, the introduction of a minimum threshold. The current expense reimbursement and the waiver of small amounts is disproportionate to the yield.” Since 2014, a minor was being discussed limit.

“The current effort is disproportionate to the output”

information of the newspaper, according to the job centres are obliged to do so, money reclaim, when viewed in retrospect, too much unemployment benefits II Hartz-IV-receiver inside and the receiver will be transferred to. The same is true for small amounts. However, for low sums the costs were relatively high: The administrative burden for claims of up to 20 Euro amounted to 2018 40.6 million euros – the sum of the receivables was, according to the report, a total of only 4.6 million Euro.

reinsurance claims job centre would have to provide, for example, when the composition of the community of need changes when the tax refundable taxes, or if the employer pays a Christmas bonus.

like Scheele, also of the CDU in the Bundestag, Kai Whittaker who had requested the Figures of the Federal employment Agency criticized the bureaucratic burden: “Hartz IV manages itself and loses itself in trifles.” It is “no longer the people, but the bureaucracy”.