Animals, Google, the schomburgk-deer’, or the scientific naming of Rucervus schomburgki – when you’re reading pet of the week, since 1938 to be extinct, it is. Only speaking, a recent invention that is this: apparently, the deer was still alive and well.

The schomburgk-deer, is a deer in the forest of northern Thailand live. It was a very quiet life at night, and graze during the daytime they rest in the shade, and, lying on the grass. In the 20th century, however, there is an abrupt end to the peaceful existence.

soon it would be the enormous rate of population growth, and the cultivation of the forests are the habitat of the animal is going to threaten you. In addition, it was the huge pair of antlers of a deer worth a lot of money, the Chinese people are processed into medicines, which are a popular target for hunters, and were.

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back In 1938, it became a deer will officially become extinct, are declared. Six years earlier, the last wild specimen was shot by some hunters. Well, lived there at the time was a mannetjesdier in captivity in 1938, also at the end, it would come out after the close of a foreign people, the animal was beaten to death.

But for now, suggest some of the photos of the schomburgk-deer is still alive. Secretly. And found that they did not know that the animal that it seemed.

the Antlers

This base a number of scientists from Northwestern University (USA) focuses on the discovery of a truck driver. In 1991, it was the man with a horn, along the way, not in Thailand but in neighboring Laos. He picked it up, and then left it behind at a local shop. They were photographs taken there, which is now being investigated by a team of scientists.