Other countries as part of a Belgian family, who is on holiday in Turkey, is a drama play. As the grand-father (61) and the car moved, he went to his own grandson (3). She got badly injured.

The family of B. K., (61) and his grandson, K. K., and (3), according to local media, were on vacation in the village, Baglar in the city of Uzümlü. Which is located in the province of Erzincan in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. The grandfather took yesterday morning at the family car to go to a small village a few miles away.

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it’s on the manoeuvre of the vehicle, everything went wrong. He knew his own grandson in it. That is got to be life-threatening gewond.De emergency responders took the toddler to a hospital in the area. Whether he is now recovering, it is not well known.