Jean-François Piège sharing with you each Saturday on The a recipe by putting it on the front of the plate a seasonal product. This weekend, the chief 2-star reveals its secrets in order to achieve one of its simmered modern. The simmered modern ? The process of firing revolutionary ! Today, a signature iconic figure in the map of his Grand Restaurant in Paris : his supreme de poularde de Bresse with black truffles cooked in with the rice. A delight sublimated strips of thigh crispy, julienne of black truffle, cabbage leaves, and a soup of cabbage with black truffle scented with anchovies. You will see, it is astonishing gluttony. Now, it is up to you to do it again. Enjoy !

The recipe : chicken from Bresse cooked in rice, a soup with anchovies and black truffle

The market

” Poularde de Bresse, basmati rice, black truffle, 4 egg whites

In a furnace

Cut a truffle in slices with a mandolin. Tape it to your chicken supreme – skin must first be removed – with your slices of black truffle. Coat all food in the film. Let it rest for 12 to 24 hours to cool. Cook the basmati rice in a traditional way or in a rice cooker. When the rice is cooked and still hot, add in virtually all the egg whites. Mix using a whisk. Cover the bottom of a dish of rice. Drop to the center of your chicken supreme. Ensevelissez-the rice. Put the rest of the egg white on your hands and work the rice in the shape of a dome. In the wake, bake 15 minutes at 220 °C. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Break the crust of the rice with a soup spoon. Get the chicken supreme.


In a plate, divide the cabbage leaves, cooked, beef thigh, crispy, julienne of black truffle. Have on top of the chicken supreme. Pour in the soup of cabbage with black truffle scented with anchovies.

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