In brussels, The Brussels ‘ palace of justice in brussels is for more than thirty years in the works and it will for a while continue to do so. But what would it look like without the thought, the Brussels-based YouTuber Balo?

all The renovations are dragging is already so long that, in 1987, issued statements, in 2013, itself, is in need of renovation were few and far between. The total refurbishment of the huge building, on the place poelaert, you might only be in 2040, to be ready, the cost is around 100 million euros.

The Brussels-based YouTuber Balo can’t wait for a long time. He didn’t throw in the towel and god the landing, one by one, skilfully wiped out. A job for which he is almost thirteen hours to be part of it. The result can be seen here.

The grade ii listed building was established in 1883, and, after seventeen years in the making, was inaugurated. The palace of justice is bigger than St. peter’s Basilica in the Vatican city, and consists of 245 guest rooms, 4.941, steps, eight courtyards and a monumental dome. The Architect, Joseph Poelaert was the ultimate fulfilment of his life’s work, not anymore, he died in 1879.