Overseas Emergency rescue of a young Belgian woman (23) to be protected from the very top of the highest mountain in Malaysia. She’s got to be close to the top of the more than 4,000 metres high, Mount Kinabalu is injured after a fall. It was a stretcher evacuation, during an extensive search and rescue mission.

Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia which is the second highest mountain in South east Asia. The ascension, for many people, both literally and figuratively the highlight of their trip. The peak is located at a height of 4.095 meters. During the early morning hours, the mountain, according to experts, this is a magical look to it.

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The majority of people climb mount Kinabalu during a trip in two days, where they spend the night in a berghut.De a woman of our land, according to local media Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the trap near the top of the mountain. She was wounded in her leg, and the trip could not be more self-sufficient to continue your.