The Arab political parties in Israel have, for the first time in more than a quarter of a century, and their preference for prime minister of Israel. They were in for a Benny Gantz in the hope to put an end to the long reign of the current prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu (69) has been repeatedly accused of discrimination against the Arab population in the country. “We are illegal in Israeli politics in the Netanyahu era,” said Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Joint List, compared to the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin.

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Rivlin, began on Sunday in its first consultations for the formation of a government. He met in Jerusalem with representatives of the various parties that have seats in the parliamentary elections of september 17.

It’s a block of Blue-and-White of Gantz, a former Israeli chief of staff, to win the election, and won 33 out of 120 seats in the national assembly. The Likoed-party, Netanyahu won 31 seats. Most likely to succeed, the two parties are not to communicate with their allies, have a majority of 61 seats out to pick it up. Get a List of the Israeli Arabs (Palestinians who are in Israeli territory, an Israeli passport and Israeli citizenship, ed.). gained thirteen members. Thus, the third party provider. Israeli Arabs constitute roughly one-fifth of the world’s population.

President Rivlin, whose function is almost symbolic, he said Sunday night: “I am convinced that it is necessary to provide a stable government to form, with the two main parties, the Likoed, and a Blue-and-White. It is the will of the people.”