The influential U.S. consumer magazine Consumer Reports has pulled its recommendation for the Model 3 of the E-car manufacturer Tesla, after less than a year back. The justification for the auditor to refer to complaints from owners about loose-fitting outer parts of the vehicle, and defective discs. In the stock market, Tesla stock fell in value.

The company is said to have already made progress on many of the disputed points. Tesla wants to expand with the Model 3, the customer base for its E-cars, and had ramped up production recently with a show of strength.

The recommendations of Consumer Reports are respected by customers in the USA a lot and are sought after by manufacturers. In Tesla, the magazine practiced but more often criticism. First of all, it was discouraged due to a weak brake performance and other defects from the purchase of Model 3, this assessment in may of 2018, but after a Software Update and re-Tests revised. The Model 3 is Tesla’s first cheaper car, which will help to pave the way in the mass market.