electric car manufacturer Tesla has launched in Los Angeles with the Model Y, a new electric SUV. The starting price should be at 39,000 dollars (about 34.400 Euro). Available Model Y will be, according to Tesla chief Elon Musk, probably from the fall of 2020.

“Model Y is a SUV and it is around 10% larger than Model 3, which is why it is also 10 percent, will cost more and a little less range with the same battery,” said Musk. The driver’s cab was higher than in a sedan and remind you of an SUV, the chassis come from the Model 3. The vehicle will come with a battery charge up to 480 kilometres wide and up to seven occupants.

the car is to compete Tesla with a wider range of electric cars with large corporations such as VW, or Daimler. Musk was convinced that Tesla will sell more vehicles in the Model Y as in the three previous models S, X and 3 together. The Model 3 is already the world’s most sold electric car.

electric car manufacturer Tesla announced last Monday, to increase the prices of several models by an average of three percent. The prices for the more expensive variants of the Model 3, Model S and Model X. The base price of 35,000 US dollars for the Model 3 to be raised according to the company, is to be retained.