Showbiz comeback, her 36th as a mom of three children. Kim Clijsters made it to the news as it comes from the unknown. “It should be, they just do it,” says Marlene de Wouters, one of the first Belgian tennis player with WTA ranking in a response to this. “Free from all pressure, will I see her again, to reach the summit.”

“up To 2020″, says it is confident in its aankondigingsfilmpje. To the right of everyone to make it clear that it was her determination to pursue. Kim Clijsters will get once again the tenniscircuit on the inside, and that makes them not an option. Kim will be twelve years old, after her first emotional goodbye to the show by Clouseau’s ‘Domino,’ and for seven years after her “final” farewell, again, to the top. To begin with, in her ‘second home’ in Australia. And, who knows, unless they take place later in the year, maybe down to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan, with her children, Jada (11), Jack (6), Blake (2) and in the other one. Production company of The People all keep a close eye on it, and the back of that, by 2020, a docusoap cast.

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